How to cope with the problems caused by Domestic Violence. (Having Right Balance of… )

First things first, I wanted to aim this article at the people who witness domestic violence, especially if they are teens or grownups.

Domestic violence, is a thing which happens in every single country in the world. It is a disease which might not seem like one, but if it persists, it certainly is. But it cannot be cured by taking any normal medicine or pill. I’m not telling you that I have a foolproof way to solve it from happening anymore…. But what I am trying to do is that, I want the people who witness it first-hand, to be able to cope with it. Especially if you are in a situation where you just can’t seem to change it…. So if you are a teenager or a person who has the maturity to know what is right and wrong, beleive me most of the time you feel like you can’t do much to solve it. As I am a person who witnessed it first-hand, out of my own experience…I would like to give one advice, which I believe will at least help someone…..there is no age restriction or anything like that. If you are capable enough to understand and apply it, then you can learn it…….Man this is turning out to be longer than I thought 😅…. I’ll get to it now!

Having the Right Balance of Mind.

Balance is the word, it is the thing, it is the concept which is key 🔑 to unlock the door 🚪in your mind which leads to the Right amount of happiness, peace, joy, confusion, sadness, anger, hate. All the things that a person who has went through domestic violence has to face in their daily life, especially if they are a family. It is inevitable not to have the feelings in the bad spectrum and the good spectrum, some times when you have both of these you feel a bit confused….. But still you have to understand that the things that you go through are not your doings…. although they are part of your life, they never should be your whole life.

When you try to maintain the right amount of balance, you will find that you have to act accordingly to the situation, and survive so as to make a life of your own! REMEMBER ALWAYS that, there is no point in feeling sad about the past just because you didn’t have a normal life, but be sad…so as to remind yourself not to repeat the same mistakes that your predecessor made. I repeat! Don’t repeat the same f***’in mistakes of your predecessor. If your are able to make a good life, vastly different from your parents or whoever it is that is doing these kind of b*****it things, you my friend, will be a successful and good person….. and if you already had a mindset like this, then you have already succeeded in life and you are much stronger than the people who do bad things. 😎

Maintain the right balance of mind… it might sound shitty, but however you are, if you try to do it for some time you might be able to master it and use it for your own good.

Anger is one of the sinews of the soul; he who that wants it hath a maimed mind. — Thomas Fuller.



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