How to be satisfied with what you have? (at least for now…)

This might not be directly connected with our ‘satisfaction in life’, but either way it infleunces it considerably. Only a few people die after living a truly satisfied life, and even those few might have numerous instances of dissatisfaction. That is why I want to make it clear that if you’re a human being then at some point in the past, the present, and the future, you will be dissatisfied. So don’t blame yourself when you become greedy sometimes (not too greedy 😅).

Let me tell you a story of an old man:

Once there was an scary old man 👴 who used to sit under a canopy, which was near a roadside.The people who travelled through there feared him 😨. Whoever he saw, he cursed them, shouted slurs at them.

Everyone who passed through the road knew that their day would be ruined 😒 if they had been seen by the old man! After a few days, the old man was seen as being happy, with a smile 😃 on his face.

This surprised everyone he knew. As he continued to be happy during the following days, some people started asking him, "How has this change happened in you?". The old man answered, "Yesterday I turned 90, and all these years I have been searching for the 'happiness' that I never received! I believed that I was the only person in the world who didn’t have any happiness in life. But now, I changed my quest to find that ‘lost happiness' in life, and therefore I’m happy!”.

Successful people are those who use their belongings efficiently and productively!



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