Good Times aren’t Everything in Life

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‘Hey there are you having a good day?’

This might be a familiar question to most of you out there, but what I want to talk about in this article, is that ‘Good Times aren’t Everything in Life’.

I meant to say that, Good Times are not even worth having without the Bad Times in life.

It might sound a bit rough, but really when you think about it you will understand that there is simply no meaning to Good Times without something bad.

So all we can do is move ahead and appreciate everything in its own way, knowing what happened was somehow for the better! Friends we are human beings and not Gods or God whichever way you want to take it, we can only respond to life and our type of response is what makes the difference!

This ‘difference’, is the art of living life in such a way that the Good Times are maximized rather than the Bad Times. Only you yourself can apply this in your life and make it better, if you want it to be better.

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Let me tell you a story about Socrates and his disciple, Aristippus:

•As there was only little rain that year Aristippus’s crops were destroyed, and his family was facing hunger and poverty. He asked Socrates for a solution.

Aristippus: Teacher, my crops have all been destroyed due to less rain this year, and I don’t know how I’m going to make any money and feed my family. We are going through a bad phase now, do you have any solution to my troubles?

•Socrates: I have no solution to your sufferings Aristippus, all I know is that life is not an Athenian road having shade-trees on each side. There will be treacherous mountains and hills along the way and there is no way but to climb and scale them! Life doesn’t always give you a good time. Often times, it makes you feel like you only have bad times! But you have to realize that no matter what happens, never give up!




Pragmatic philosophist • Motivation • Productivity • Generalist • and last but not least, fellow Human Being 😀

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Retrospective Philosophy

Retrospective Philosophy

Pragmatic philosophist • Motivation • Productivity • Generalist • and last but not least, fellow Human Being 😀

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